Vocal Processing

Vocal Production is by far the most challenging production hurdle I have faced so far in my career. Vocals really on so many factors and is often very hard to get the right. Microphone chose, Health, mood, confidence, Room, Mic pre, Interface all have a dramatic effect on the sound of the vocal. After you […]

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Analogue Sample Processing

  Pre Processing your sample can dramatically speed up the production process. While it is a time consuming process. Taking the time to get every sample right and where it needs to be can dramatically improve your production sessions by cutting down on time looking for “the right sound”. Half of the battle of being a […]

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Genre Analysis Indie Dance

STEPHEN – FLY DOWN I have chosen to analyse this track to help me better understand the sub gerne indie dance so i can better apply there teqniques to my productions. i like how steven uses a mix of electronic and organic instruments. Artist: Stephen Released: 4 October 2015 Format: Digital Genre: Indie Dance Tempo: 100bpm Time signature: 4/4 Genre/influence: Indie Dance Indie […]

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Genre Analysis Tropical Trap

  Boxinbox & Lionsize – Love from Above (Feat.Sr Wilson) Artist: Boxinbox & Lionsize Released:  Format: Digital Genre: Tropical Trap Tempo: 100bpm Time signature: 4/4 Genre/influence:  Tropical Trap Tropical Trap is a sub genre of trap music witch is defined by its instrumentation include 808 kick drums, heavy extended sub-bass lines, double timed, triple-time and other faster time division hi-hats. Tropical trap uses […]

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Production Techniques

Parallel Compression Is a dynamic range compression technique used in sound recording and mixing. Parallel compression, a form of upward compression, is achieved by mixing an unprocessed ‘dry’, or lightly compressed signal with a heavily compressed version of the same signal. Rather than bringing down the highest peaks for the purpose of dynamic range reduction, it reduces the dynamic range by bringing […]

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Genre Characteristics

    CHILL – HOP What is Chill Hop Chill hop is a sub genre of hiphop and has a strong influence from electronic dance music and indie folk. Instrument textures used are soft and full rounded and are mixed using a larger than normal dynamic range to create an emersive and deep experience. Drums are often humanised […]

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