Social Media (CIU 111)

This week’s online lecture explored ‘Techniques of Self-promoting’ and ‘How to be professional online’ as well as the good and bad point of social media.

The first point on “Techniques or Self-Promoting Online’ I found to be rather interesting. Social media has been one of the most important tools of my career as a musician/producer. It has helped me create a presence on the internet, land gigs, connect me with other musicians for collaborative projects and also reach thousands of people all over the world to help promote my music. With Facebook, Sound Cloud, Instagram and many more social media sites, not only can I boost my career, I can also accumulate further ideas to put towards my sound, receive feedback, keep fans updated and also keep up with other artists. A technique that I myself have discovered is how ‘time’ is a big factor of when to post and share something, by posting a project/song that you’re working on at peak time which has been proven to be between 6pm-9pm when people have gotten home from work, relaxing and casually scrolling through their favourite social media sites can instantly increase your viewers.

Maintaining professional online is also a very big point. Each post that is uploaded to the internet is representing who you are as an artist, so it is important to make sure you remain professional and share information that you think your fans will like. Along with the many favourable sides of social media, just like in everything there is also a negative side. Online bullying is a major problem now a days and is something that happens more than most people realise which has even gotten to a point where it has driven suicides. Another issue with social media is the constant uphold young men and women feel to look like the ‘models on Instagram’ and to compare their lives to other people who may look like they lead a lavish life when in fact it is all just for show. It creates an illusion of always wanting better and never being satisfied and happy with what we actually have.

Although I do believe the positive outweighs the negative, if social media is used correctly not only do we have an immediate connection as to what is going on in the world, we also have access to unlimited information at anywhere any time. I believe social media is a great advantage to have for anyone who is in the creative industry.

I have included links to my social media pages below.

Max Mitchell ❤


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