Project Studio Session

  On Friday the 10th of december, Rob and I had planed a studio session in the Audient to track acoustic guitar and make a few changes for our final project. Below is the preproduction plan.     After arriving for our session we decided we would record straight into FL Studio to avoid complication signal […]

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Broadcasting Standards in Australia

  In Australia There are code’s and standards that set the recommended loudness levels (db) for commercial advertising on Tv. These code’s and provisions limit peak volume levels and Rms volume levels to make programs and advertisement adjacent in volume. The Code of Practise contains provision which state the following 1.11 Commercials must not be […]

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Social Media (CIU 111)

This week’s online lecture explored ‘Techniques of Self-promoting’ and ‘How to be professional online’ as well as the good and bad point of social media. The first point on “Techniques or Self-Promoting Online’ I found to be rather interesting. Social media has been one of the most important tools of my career as a musician/producer. […]

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During CIU this week, “Inclusive Design” was discussed. Our lecturer asked us to think about how we could incorporate different products within the creative industries to help those who may be disadvantaged. This week’s lecture notes were interesting as it discussed how we can create a marketable product that can be used by a large […]

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CIU111 – How Are We The Same?

This weeks online lecture was really interesting to me. It made me realise that the thoughts that had crossed my mind so far during this degree were normal, questions like “What happens when I graduate?” or “Will I have a job in this field?”. After discussing this topic with my classmates I discovered I wasn’t […]

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